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If you received plants from the WMS, please fill out our pledge form here. With this pledge you are promising to take care of our plants by planting them in the proper conditions away from pesticides.

Register your WMS milkweed plants with the Xerces Monarch Milkweed Mapper. Mapping your plantings and monarch sightings helps scientists track the migratory patterns of monarchs.

Learn more about the Xerces Society’s western monarch conservation efforts here.

Monarch butterflies can be present in Napa County from mid-March through late-October, when vineyards are actively managed. Follow these BMPs developed by the Napa County RCD’s Monarch Work Group to keep your pollinator habitat safe from vineyard pesticides.

Land stewards play an important role in reversing the monarch and native pollinator decline by planting and maintaining high quality habitat on their property. Follow these BMPs developed by the Napa County RCD’s Monarch Work Group to maintain quality long-term habitat.

This is a great list of pollinator plants native to the Central Coast Region, including Napa County.

One of the most significant actions you can take to support monarch populations is providing nectar-rich flowers and milkweed host plants. This is a wonderful list of California nectar plants for monarchs.

The Monarch Joint Venture is offering FREE technical assistance, native milkweed plugs where appropriate, and a regionally native ‘More than Monarchs seed mix’ for pollinator plantings across the state of California and Southern Oregon.

Calscape shows Californians which plants are native to any location in the state, helping them figure out which ones they want, and where to buy them and how to grow them.

Xerces Monarch and Pollinator Habitat Plant Kits provide free native pollinator plants for various pollinator habitat projects around the state.

Resources for Napa County Farmers, Ranchers and Landowners.

The Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program (IMMP) is a national program to collect milkweed, nectar plant, and monarch use data from a variety of land-use types and regions.

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